About us


 Hi there, I’m Fiona but I’m rarely called that….Call me Fi

I’m the mother of 2 boys with autism and a teenaged girl (which is scarier than autism!)


I am aware that I am an incredibly complex person, but all you really need to know about me is:

  • I love God more than anything else, I adore my family and most of the time, I really love my life.
  • I am more emotional than most people, I love with my whole heart and I.Feel.Everything.
  • I am naturally a glass-half-empty-wear-my-heart-on-my-sleeve kinda girl but believe that with God’s help and my desire to change, that I can become an optimist and choose to see good in everyone and everything around me.
  • I am married, but to an invisible man – you can take from that whatever you choose to.
  • I have three children.
  1. Firstly a daughter called Ella who is 14 and begins grade 9 in 2014. She is kind, thoughtful, caring and extremely passionate about family. She is quirkily creative and makes me laugh a lot.  She is an amazing big sister and a treasure to have as a daughter because goes out of her way to assist me with her two brothers.
  2. And then there’s Harley. He is 11 and is in grade 5. Harley is an extremely cuddly and affectionate child and loves with his whole heart in much the same way that I do. Harley was diagnosed with high-functioning autism when he was 4 and more recently with OCD, ADHD and extreme anxiety. He was the reason I originally started blogging because he is also AMAZING and his insights into his brain frequently leave me in awe.
  3. Lastly there is Lucas who is 8 and is in grade 2. He is by far my most active child and is rarely ever still-even in his sleep! He smiles all the time, loves life and loves being outdoors and copying his siblings although he is often the instigator of mischief. He was diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome when he was 4 years old after I noticed indicators that he was just a little different. He also has ADHD.

Our family is amazing, funny, and full of many laughs, tears, craziness and fun.

So, come on in, pull up a chair, grab a cuppa and welcome to our world.


N.B: All of my children’s names have been changed to protect their identities so if you know their real names please refrain from using them in any comments you publish to help me to maintain their privacy . Also, please don’t mention our exact location in Australia either so I can continue to protect my little cherubs!  Thank you 🙂

Alternatively, If you’re too shy to comment, please feel free to drop me a line at:


Cheers 🙂

Fi x



The wiring image used in the background of this site was sourced from: http://www.freeimages.co.uk

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